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Website Müller Gartentechnik

Screenshot Website Müller Gartentechnik


  • Installation based on cms drupal 7
  • Support the design of product portfolio
  • search engine optimization
  • Consulting for hosting


Within this project Reconso has built up a new webpage with modern technologies of web-design. Based on drupal as content management system the customer is able to administrate the content easily e.g. the products for his customers and to manage the opportunity for contact.

The website was installed, customized, developed and filled up with content on a dedicated Reconso-server. Afterwards the complete site was migrated to the former provider. In the near future the hosting will be provided by Reconso based on an attractive hosting-package.

Today Reconso supports and consults the company in question about it-infrastructure, support and it-security.

To visit the webpage click here.