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What we deliver

Basis of our business activities are the two main business areas consulting and development. Using state of the art information technology we develop future concepts for the application of IT in order to support the business processes. We bring up legal and individual security requirements in order to consult you regarding effective protection measures. We provide with our holistic approach close to the customer solutions.

Having established web-solutions as our new business area we provide additional webbased IT-services like streamlining and hosting of your web presence. We enable the easy access to state of the art web technologies. Of course we take care of your webbased services as well.


The business case determines the support needed by IT which makes IT itself an integrative part in the business processes. We offer individual concepts and support in selection, evaluation and implementation of fitting solutions. We support you by:

  • defining clear requirements
  • creating an individual IT concept
  • developing individual interfaces and tools
  • screening the market for available technologies
    and components
  • operation and maintenance support