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Webshop Miami Tex

Webshop Miamitex


  • Provide a hosting solution
  • Installation of a Gambio webshop
  • Support the system configuration
  • Installation and integration of an inventory management system


Within this project Reconso has set up a webshop extended with a shirt-designer. In a first step all existing and new domains were consolidated into one hosting package.

The Gambio webshop has been installed and configured on a dedicated Reconso-server. The Reconso security package provides regular system updates and thus prevents security gaps and ensures the protection of the system. Customers can create their individualized articles with an integrated design component. This component was sourced from a qualified vendor and integrated into the webshop.

The ordering process including invoicing and shipment is supported by an inventory management system closely coupled to the webshop which synchronizes the order relevant data with the webshop database.

Reconso supports MiamiTex to administer the webshop and consults in the all matters of IT-infrastructure and security.

To visit shop click here.