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Security check - server

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  • System check (malware)
  • Backtracing security leak
  • Removal of malicious code
  • Catalogue of countermeasures to harden and protect the system


Projects related to server security are in general time-critical. Due to a security leak in the IT-system (e.g. application or operating system) a hacker has brought in malicious code. Our customer realizes a changed system behaviour or is informed by his customers or provider about the delivery of malicious code from his system. A quick reaction is needed in order to prevent further damage. The security analysis contains following steps:

  1. Find and eliminate the malicious code
  2. Analyse the system status regarding security issues
  3. Result documentation including catalogue of measures
  4. Agree on a joint approach with the customer

Our customers appreciate the quick and straightforward server analysis and confirm the need for IT-security involvement in IT-related projects with their satisfaction. We recommend to consider adequate countermeasures within the riskmanagement in order to preemptively prevent an intrusion into your IT system.