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Security check - client

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  • System check for malware
  • Removal of malware
  • Implementation of measures for client protection


In our client security projects we face security gaps which enable a hacker to enter an IT-system (application, operating system) and leave malicious code on the system. Other entry points for malware are emails, portable devices and infected websites. An infection could be realized by a changed system behaviour or performance loss as well as a message from a malware scanner. In order to prevent further spreading of the malicious code via network or portable devices a quick reaction is needed. The security analysis contains following steps:

  1. Find and eliminate the malicious code
  2. Analyse the system status regarding security issues
  3. Result documentation including catalogue of measures
  4. Agree on a joint approach with the customer

Our customers are satisfied with the quick and uncomplicated execution of the client security analysis and emphasize the importance of early involvement of IT-security in projects.