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Software development

Software development

Your benefits: 

  • Tailored, individual solutions
  • Development for different operating systems
  • Proven and tested techniques and frameworks

Software enables us to use the hardware of the IT infrastructure. Independent from your choice to use standard software or individual software, the starting point is the definition of the future system requirements.

We assist in the evaluation and selection of standard software (COTS) and customize the software to your needs. If you choose individual software or standard software is not covering your needs, we develop the software for you starting with an individual software design.

In the context of a development project every programming language has its pros and cons. We decide for each use case or customer demand which is the appropriate programming language. These languages are part of our portfolio:

Besides support we also provide adjustments and further development driven by your needs for our applications.

  • C++
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Of course we provide the support and maintenance for our software.