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Online ticket booking

Ticketing website


  • Requirements- und process definition
  • Development of a booking- and administration portal
  • Tool Support


On demand of our co-operation partner cumlaude GmbH we have started this project. One trigger was the lack of flexibility on the side of the big players in the ticketing sector, who generally do not adress individual requirements.

The aim was to develop a flexible and easy to use ticket booking solution which can easily integrate in any website.

Starting with the documented business processes the first step was to develop a fitting database design followed by generating an idea how to implement the booking processes. At the end these processes cover the sales part as well as payment methods, creation of e-Tickets and a controlling component. An added value could be generated especially by having the capability to generate individual reports from the database.

Reconso has started to promote the ticketing product and could already win various event planners for for this web service. The customer feedback is incorporated into the further development of the system.